Episode 73 – Pre-Audition Falafel, Penguin Party, and Digestive Biscuits

Will talks to Dad about Halloween (also Dad’s birthday), costumes, the best and worst trick-or-treat candy, and whether or not Christmas season starts right after Halloween ends.  Will and Dad talk about Will’s audition for all-region orchestra, and their new, strange tradition of getting falafel before all-region tryouts.  Dad gives an update about Maisy, the Boston terrier, and about how she’s learning to “be nice.”  Dad and Will talk about Stranger Things 2, which they both love, and they listen to Millie Bobby Brown’s season 1 recap rap.  In the News, Dad tells a story about octopuses crawling up onto the beaches in Wales and Will talks about French President Macron’s dog peeing on the palace fireplace.  They also discuss a law that makes it illegal for pedestrians to look at their electronic devices while crossing the street and a new world record set in Youngstown, Ohio, for the most people gathered together dressed as penguins.  Next, Will and Henry play a few rounds of Would You Rather. Finally, Henry joins Will and Dad for Treat Yourself to sample biscuits (cookies) from England, Italy and Poland.

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