Episode 74 – Porg News, Dried Fruit, and Unlikely Asteroids

Henry talks to Dad about how tired he is from a busy week and late nights doing homework, holiday seasonal creep, and Henry playing his friend Jacob’s euphonium. Dad and Henry talk about how much they like the card game Machikoro.  They talk about seeing Thor: Ragnarok on Will’s birthday, and give some more (spoiler-free) impressions of Stranger Things 2.  In the News, Dad discusses the big Star Wars news that Lucasfilm is giving director Rian Johnson a brand new trilogy set in the Star Wars universe, and another story about the East Lansing Police Department that is threatening criminals with Stranger Things spoilers.  Henry shares a story about a man in Germany who called the police because he thought there was a bomb in his back yard, but it turned out to be an 11-pound zucchini. Dad shares a story about a UPS driver who hears a person screaming for help, calls the police, but it turns out to be a parrot named Diego, and also a new study that claims that asteroid that caused the dinosaur’s extinction must have hit in exactly the right spot to cause the cataclysm.  Henry and Dad mess around with smartphones in a new segment called “Fun with Predictive Text.”  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Dad and Henry try a variety of dried fruits from Trader Joe’s.

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