Episode 78 – Martian Cannonball, A Christmas Snow Miracle, and 227 Pounds of Bologna

Will and Henry talk to Dad about tests, how excited they are to see The Last Jedi and the new trailer for Avengers Infinity War.  The podcast delivers a weather update (it’s cold!) and a Maisy the Boston terrier update (she bites the train when it goes around the Christmas tree!).  Everyone is looking forward to winter break.  Will and Henry talk about what they want for Christmas, including Lego Mindstorm.  Will shares a song he made on Garageband in his multimedia class. Dad shares a Christmas story from the Family Archives about a year when Will asked Santa for snow for Christmas. In the News, Dad reads a story about an image from Mars Rover that UFO theorists think is a cannonball on the surface of Mars, which leads him to talk about candlepin bowling.  William reads a story about a student at the University at Alabama who is stuck wearing a Christmas Tree costume for the rest of the semester because she committed to do so if she got over 1000 retweets on Twitter.  Henry shares a story about 227 pounds of bologna that was seized at the U.S.-Mexico border, and Dad has a story about Android fixing their burger emoji.  For Treat Yourself, Dad, Will and Henry try Peanut Butter Chocolate Twinkies and Hershey’s Gold Peanuts and Pretzel candy bar.

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