Episode 79 – Fat Goose, Fake Facts and Your Friend’s Murderous Mind

Will and Mom talk to Dad about unpredictable December Texas weather, their excitement to see The Last Jedi, and Will’s science project where he tried to invent his own version of an erasable pen.  Everyone talks about how Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat.  Should we cook a Christmas goose?  Will talks about a white elephant gift exchange.  Dad and Mom reminisce about toilet lid covers and color-coordinated toilet paper.  William tells about how he’s been using his Photoshop skills he learned in his multimedia class to spread fake facts. In the News, Dad reads a story about the earth’s background hum, a very low frequency sound that can be measured by scientists.  Mom reads a story about the discovery of a very strange looking and improbable dinosaur.  William tells a story about a Shar-Pei that ate 21 pacifiers, which leads the podcast to a Maisy update.  William and Dad talk a little bit about new developments in the “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” debate, and other categorization of food controversies.  Dad and William discuss a couple of Chuck Klosterman Hypertheticals, including one about perfect weather and another about a friend who claims he can kill people with his mind.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, Henry joins and the boys and Dad try a chewy Japanese candy from the dollar store Daiso called Puchao in four flavors: mango, melon, strawberry and cola.

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