Episode 96 – Flat-Earth Millennials, Fizzy Candy and Church Dance Crowd Surfing

Will and Henry talk about colds, voices changing, crowd surfing at the church dance, Smashmouth and Shrek, Dad’s renewed Japanese studies, weeboos and otakus, languages.  Dad gives a Maisy Update about taking our Boston terrier to Petco for a vet visit and how much Maisy freaks out when someone walks their dog in front of our house.  The boys talk about how excited they are for Infinity War and speculate about who might get killed.  In the News, Dad reads a story about a shocking story about the number of people (especially Millennials) who aren’t sure that the Earth is round, and the discussion devolves into a discussion of Jobs vs. Gates and Apple vs. PC.  William tells the story of a boy who was lost in the sewers beneath LA for 12 hours before being successfully rescued, and Henry reads a story about a bakery in Oregon that baked the world’s biggest cinnamon roll (over 1,000 pounds).  Dad and the boys discuss Hypotheticals about talking pets, very short and very tall people, and a gourmet dish named after you.  Finally, in Treat Yourself, Dad, Will and Henry try Dr. Pepper-flavored licorice and Mitsuya Cider candy, a fizzy Japanese hard candy based on a popular soda.

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