Episode 81 – Jello Salad, Florida Man’s Year in Review, and the Definitive Fruit Chew Rankings

Elizabeth and her friend Caralyn talk to Dad about chips and dip, college football and their favorite Christmas gifts.  They also talk about Maisy and Boston terriers in general, and about cookbooks. And about jello salad.  The conversation detours to smelly apartments, smelly teenage boys, and high school students from Dad’s youth that would set hairspray on fire.  From there, a discussion of bullying, floppy disks and Dad’s high school band.  Caralyn shares a story about her friends strange cat, Bits, and the cat’s uncertain fate. In the News, Dad shares a story about a man in Staten Island, New York who is being terrorized by his father-in-law’s toupee, which reminds him of the Tasmanian Devil.  Elizabeth shares a Florida Man about a guy who punched an ATM because it gave him too much money, as well as a Florida Man year in review from Twitter, and Caralyn tells about a woman in China who stopped at an intersection when she mistook a monkey’s rear end for a red light.  The podcast takes a Buzzfeed quiz about 2017 trivia.  Finally, Phoebe joins the podcast and, for Treat Yourself, the podcast samples several types of candy to determine the ultimate fruit chew rankings (consensus winner: Mamba; consensus loser: Now & Later).

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