Episode 240 – Second Round Vaccinations, Brain Glue, and Flamin’ Hot Cheeto’s Mac and Cheese

Elizabeth and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about Elizabeth’s second vaccine, substitute teaching, getting shots, how injections work, magic eye illusions, pandemic fatigue, and fear of shots.  In the News we discuss Coinstar cashing in for the guy who got his final pay in 90,000 oily pennies, a woman who cut off her world-record-long 24-foot-long fingernails, a man who robbed a bank wearing such an ugly tie that no one could remember what he looked like, and researchers development of brain glue to treat traumatic brain injuries.  We discuss some Hypotheticals about black market animal keeping, a curse that causes 5% of the things you touch to teleport away from you, and a lifetime’s worth of suffering.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try Cheeto’s macaroni and cheese in two flavors: Cheesy Jalapeno and Flamin’ Hot.