Episode 266 – Gummi Bear Sacrifice, Spontaneous Combustion Pants, and VR Goggle Cows

Henry and Santi talk to Dad about foreign accents, New Year’s resolutions, the State Fair, camping, building a fire in Outdoor Education, plans for the long weekend, a gummi bear sacrifice, and spontaneous combustion.  In the News, we talk about a woman who went on a blind date and was stuck there for four days due to a COVID-19 lockdown, cows that produce more milk while wearing VR goggles, and a mafia boss who was caught in Spain because he was spotted on Google Maps.  We take a Texas Dad Quiz to quiz Santi about how much he’s learned from living in Texas.  Finally, on Treat Yourself, we try some new candy bars, including salted caramel Twix, salted caramel Milky Way, fudge Milky way, and potato chip Reese’s Big Cup.