Episode 268 – Premeditated Glitter Assault, Naughty-ish Book, and Armadillo Day

Henry and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about the snow and ice storm, sledding, Mom’s snowwoman, the status of the pool project, Maisy’s almost escapes, and our upcoming trip to New York.  In the News, we talk about Florida Women who broke into a man’s apartment and threw glitter at him, an 8 year-old who snuck a handwritten book onto a library shelf, and Bee Cave Bob the armadillo, Texas’ answer to Punxsutawney Phil.  We play some games with Alexa.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try some chocolate treats from Trader Joe’s, including Chocolates with Mint and Honey, Chocolate Drizzled Plantain Chips with Sea Salt, and Chocolate Dipped Bomba puffed peanut and corn snacks.