Episode 272 – Musical-Loving Blockchain Dude, Invisible Art and Sparkly Wild Berry Peeps

Elizabeth and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about whether other people’s dreams are interesting, podcasting equipment, Sweet Dreams, the seven seas, pirates who count, Elizabeth’s school year and summer plans, golf, ice fishing, Dad’s guitar-building hobby, Banjo-Kazooie, Cyrano, and musicals.  In the News, we talk about a man in Oxford, England who had a mountain of stolen bikes in his back yard, a man who pushed 4-year-old quintuplets in a half-marathon, and Yves Klein’s invisible paintings.  Allison, Elizabeth and Dad play the ABC Game.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try some Easter candies, including Chocolate Pudding Peeps, Sparkly Wild Berry Peeps, and Swedish Fish jelly beans.