Talk to Dad Episode 237 – Dog Heiress, Secret Cephalopod, and Humuhumunukunukuapuaa

Henry and Phoebe talk to Dad about the family’s upcoming vacation to Hawaii, getting COVID tested for Hawaii, Zoo Tycoon, Phoebe buying scrubs for her new job, animal hospitals, and getting new passports.  In the News, we talk about a California woman who got a driver’s license with her wearing a mask, studying delayed gratification in cuttlefish, a mysterious monolith in the Congo that was burned to the ground, and a man who left $5 million to his border collie in his will. We take a Dad Quiz to see how much we know about Hawaii.  Finally, for Treat Yourself, we try some unusually flavored peanut butter from PB Crave and raspberry rhubarb fruit spread from World Market.