Episode 272 – Musical-Loving Blockchain Dude, Invisible Art and Sparkly Wild Berry Peeps

Elizabeth and Allison (Mom) talk to Dad about whether other people’s dreams are interesting, podcasting equipment, Sweet Dreams, the seven seas, pirates who count, Elizabeth’s school year and summer plans, golf, ice fishing, Dad’s guitar-building hobby, Banjo-Kazooie, Cyrano, and musicals.  In the News, we talk about a man in Oxford, England who had a mountain of stolen bikes in his… Read more →

Episode 264 – Taste-o-Vision, Pluto Controversy and Darte Un Capricho

Phoebe talks to Dad about Tiktok, COVID, college, Yoga for Performing Musicians, Christmas presents, melodicas, Dr. Mario,  New Year’s Eve, Wits and Wagers, and board games.  In the News, we talk about the ongoing controversy around Pluto’s planetary status, stationary bikes that restaurant guests can pedal at McDonald’s in China, and a television you can taste.  Phoebe and Dad play… Read more →

Episode 263 – Least Favorite Christmas Songs, Gingerbread Miracle and Controversial Gummies

Elizabeth talks to Dad about Nintendo 64 fog, rhythm games, the Burkman Holiday House’s maximalist Christmas decorations, worst Christmas music, Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses, the family being together for Christmas, weird things that students say in school, the California Raisins, and revisiting the fact that Santi does not like pie.  In the News, we discuss the most mispronounced words… Read more →